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University Georgia of Athens

University of Georgia, Athens and Takshila Education, India, have signed up a partnership for on-site education learning. This partnership is expected to foster interaction of the two great democracie

Richmond County School System

Richmond county School system signed partnership with Takshila Education to reduce county high school dropout rate by taking help of free tutoring service from volunteers of Takshila Education.

Technical Association of Georgia

Technical Association of Georgia partner with Takshila Education. Both organization are supporting STEM initiative to improve students skills in science, technology, engineering and Mathematics subjec

Augusta Christian Schools

Augusta Christian Schools academics provide leadership and teaching support for Takshila Education program.

Takshila Education Signed Memorandum of Agreement with Augusta partnership for Children

Achieve common goal by supporting community activities. Stress on high school dropout and build strong community. Focus on STEM courses and career opportunity for children.

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